Pride Celebration Chorus

The Pride Celebration Chorus will, once again, be a part of the Pride London Festival. Pride Celebration Chorus is an all-gender choir, comprised of singers singing in four parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. We debuted in Pride London 2018 and had an outstanding concert!

This year we will have 80 singers in the choir and the concert will be performed on two evenings during the Pride London Festival.

What’s this concert?

The concert will be performed twice: Thursday, July 25, and Friday, July 26, beginning at 8 pm (Doors at 7 pm), at Aeolian Hall. It will be a part of the Pride London Festival and will be listed as a Pride event in the Pride guide.

Learn more about our upcoming concert

The concert format will be as follows: 10 – 11 pieces will be sung by the entire ensemble (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). 2 pieces will be sung by the Sopranos & Altos only (this is new this year!). 5 pieces will be sung by Pride Men’s Chorus. Please note that the labels Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass refer to voice range and not gender.

What will we be singing?

The repertoire will be made up of music which is more in the pop/rock/musical theatre realm. The themes will be representative of those ideals celebrated during Pride. This year, as the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, special recognition will be given to the decades of activism within the LGBTQ community. Essentially, we’re going to make sure our audience has an emotional roller-coaster ride of an experience!!!